IMG_1364My names is Lauren, and this is my blog, Jamesdotter.

The title of this blog actually started with a conversation between my grandfather & me in 2013. You see, he is the family historian and when we are together he always takes the time to impart this knowledge unto me. On this particular day, we happen to be discussing the subject of surname.

Did you know that in old Swedish tradition, a man’s sons and daughters did not take his given last name? Instead, a new last name was created using the father’s first name in conjunction with the word son or dotter. For example, Sven Pearson’s son, John, would be known as John Svenson – maybe Swanson, if they had immigrated to America. Cool, right?

Well, my name is Lauren, daughter of James – Jamesdotter. There you have it! 

I am a working person. A wife & a mom – and I love all of it. I will never claim to have it all together, but I can say that I am always looking for ways to work smarter, not harder. I live my life in a state of continuous improvement.

I would go crazy if every day was exactly the same – so I ensure that it is not.

I am constantly teaching myself how to do new things – this blog is an outlet for that.

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    • Thanks! It’s amazing how difficult it can be to get steps in…especially when the majority of my job is done at a desk! I will do progress updates on Sunday. Thanks for following!

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