Daily Steps Challenge: Week One Results

Weekly Steps 9.08 - 9.14

This week my goal was to walk 50,890 steps over a period of 7 day, increasing my steps 10% over my baseline. Well, my friends…this was obviously too easy because I surpassed my goal by 3,888 steps! This is great, but it makes me a little nervous for next week. On another note, I have really enjoyed the using the Fitbit Flex for this challenge. It’s a constant reminder to get up and walk as often as I can.

Here are a few easy changes I made to get in extra steps:

  • Park in the spot furthest away from the door
  • “Accidentally” forget things in the car, thus forcing myself to walk back and get them
  • Short walks whenever I could get them in. The weather in Texas is finally starting to get nice – so hopefully outdoor walks can become more regular.

Goal: To walk 10% more steps that the previous week until I am walking 10,000 steps or more everyday.

Week two, I must walk an average of 8,607 steps a day (60,249 for the whole week). 


Daily Steps Challenge – An Overview

Daily Steps Challenge: Goal 10K  Steps A Day

Daily Steps Week One Average: 6,609

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  -Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu

I have a tendency to be a little over-ambitious when it comes to things like working out. For some reason, my mind thinks I can go from the couch to running a half-marathon with very minimal training in between…I’m not sure why. This method has never been very successful for me in the past & to be brutally honest, I don’t think I have EVER been able to one mile without stopping to catch my breath. Training usually stops after the first couple of days.

Back in July, I was on a fitness kick again when I purchased a Fitbit Flex – I flexible wristband that tracks your steps through out the day. I didn’t really have any specific plans on how I was going to use it, but it ended up giving me some good information on how active I am throughout the day – which is not very active. On average, I am only walking about 46,000 steps a week…that’s only 6,500 a day! No wonder I can’t run a mile!! Ha!

I have decided to use this little device to my advantage & set small, achievable fitness goals for myself.

Goal One: To walk 10% more steps that the previous week until I am walking 10,000 steps or more everyday.

Week one, I must walk an average of 7,270 steps a day.